Cows Swim For Lives As They Are Swept Away By Flood

This is the moment cows swim for their lives as they are swept downstream in front of their herd as monsoon rains raised the water levels to dangerous heights.

Story By: Michael Leidig; Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder; Agency: AsiaWire Report;

Video Credit: AsiaWire

The incident captured by this video camera happened at Dhan village in Chandrapur district of of Maharashtra state yesterday (Monday 29th of July).

Local said the rains had been falling almost non-stop for three days in the region and that many rivers were flooding their banks.

The local river outside the village was no exception, with the water level so high that the water was actually flooding over the bridge.

But that did not stop the cows from attempting to cross the low-lying structure, but a slight increase in the water level left them stranded and slowly one by one they are swept over the edge.

Many of them were caught then the turbulence as water swirled on the other side of the bridge, and were drowned. despite the waterfall in front of them many of the cows were seen trying to swim back to the bridge instead of swimming further downstream to safety.

Villagers managed to rescue several of the herd but 13 cows were washed away and although five were later recovered alive downstream, another eight are missing presumed drowned. 

Cows are regarded as holy in India, and many are allowed to wander freely which may explain how they came to try and across the bridge despite the dangerous water levels.

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