Groping Biker Punches Brave Me2 Woman Who Confronted Him

This viral footage shows a brave ‘MeToo woman’ standing up to the burly biker who allegedly groped her before he punches her in the face and pins her to the ground.

Story By: Alex CopeSub-Editor: Joseph Golder; Agency: AsiaWire Report;

Video Credit: AsiaWire

The shocking scenes were recorded by the side of a busy road in the village of Saligao in the North Goa district of the state of Goa in eastern India after sculptor Durga Gawde became involved in a confrontation with biker Brian Franco and the clip has received over 500,00 views in under a day.

Gawde, who describes herself as genderfluid and a drag king, wrote on social media that she had spotted Franco “talking on the phone while riding his scooter and almost crashed into my bike”. She says she asked him to put the phone down, at which point Franco reportedly “started to use vile words and verbally abuse me”.

Gawde, who is reportedly based in Mumbai, says she then drove away from the scene on her own bike but Franco then started following her, before he stopped his vehicle in front of her, forcing her to come to a halt.

She wrote on social media: “He proceeded to remove my bike keys and threw them away and then started to hit my bike and intimidate me. I was not scared, I looked straight into his eyes without fear. 

“He then proceeded to grab my crotch and threw my phone and said, ‘ What will you do now?”. That is when I had had it. I couldn’t let someone molest me, I gave him a tight slap and what happened after that you saw in the video.”

In the clip, the man named as Brian Franco can be seen walking up to Gawde as she shouts at him from her motorbike.

The man then throws a punch at her face which she manages to dodge and she then steps off the bike. The man throws another punch and Gawde stops slapping him back.

The burly man then pins the sculptor to her bike and punches her face, before grabbing her by the neck and pinning her to ground.

Gawde begins screaming and onlookers hesitantly step in, allowing her to get to her feet. She then confronts Franco again and he begins punching her again before they both fall to the ground and onlookers step in.

Gawde can then be heard screaming “f*ck you” and Franco responds by saying “she hit me”.

The artist responds by shouting “you touched my crotch and hit my bike, do you think I will not defend myself just because I’m a f*cking woman!”.

The pair continue the shouting match before the video switches to Gawde telling the camera: “I’m not a victim, I’m not a survivor, I’m just a person who stood up for myself.”

Local media report Franco was arrested and remanded in custody for a total of four days.

He has now been released after reportedly paying a 20,000-INR (227-GBP) bail and he has been charged with outraging modesty, stalking, causing hurt voluntarily and breaching the peace.

Gawde commented that 20,000 INR “is the price of having a vagina and a pair of breasts in this country”, adding that at the police station Franco had “touched his chest while looking at my low cut gorgeous dress which is very flattering to my breasts and said ‘very nice very nice’ in front of the cops and proceeded to grab his crotch and shook it while saying ‘take my cock”.

She has called for Franco to be put behind bars, starting the hashtag ‘LockUpBrianFranco’.

It is unclear if a trial date has been set.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

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