Huge Boulder Flattens Tractor And Trailer In Himalayas

This is the moment a huge boulder tumbling down the side of a mountain crushes a tractor and trailer before continuing down the mountainside taking the machinery with it.

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The incident took place when locals travelling along a road near Reshikhola town in the state of Sikkim, India, noticed that soil and small stones were starting to fall and they feared a landslide.

They cautioned drivers not to cross, and advised others to stay back until the situation stabilised, but a tractor driver decided to ignore them and cross anyway.

But as he was crossing over, he glanced up and saw the huge boulder starting to slide towards him, and realising he was unlikely to cross over quickly enough, he leapt out of the vehicle and ran away.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

A short while later, the stone picked up speed and rolled on top of his vehicle, crushing it completely under the weight of probably what was hundreds of tonnes and then carrying on down the mountain taking the tractor and the trailer with it.

And worse still, the falling boulder took a large section of the road with it as well making it completely impassable until repairs can be carried out. 

Sikkim, which is located in the eastern Himalayan region, witnesses frequent landslides, especially during the monsoons.

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