India Guru Says Mums Give Different Milk From Each Boob

This Indian guru has become a laughing stock after telling a conference full of gynaecologists that mums with opposite-sex twins produce different types of milk from each breast.

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The Indian holy man Jaggi Vasudev – also known as Sadhguru – has become the target of jokes and heated discussion footage emerged of him telling a conference that mums with opposite-sex twins produce different types of milk from each breast.

He was reportedly a guest speaker at the gynaecologist conference and the footage was newly posted by Tweep @IndianAtheists who summarised his comments saying: “When a woman delivers twins, one breast will produce one type of milk and the other will produce another type of milk” – Actual quote from Jaggi. This guy is invited to the national conference of gynecologists as a speaker.”

During the conference, the 62-year-old guru used the point to illustrate his earlier claims that human bodies have in-built intelligence that covers many of their activities, with the fact that the mother’s body can produce different types of milk for different gender twins used as a case in point

He did not reveal how the mother knew which breast was for the boy and which breast was for the girl.

Despite the Twitter humour of the subject, local media reported that some studies suggest that the guru – on some level at least – may be correct.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire/@samjawed65

They quoted a study by Prof. Katie Hinde from Harvard University that reportedly showed that in rhesus monkeys male babies get 35 per cent more fat and protein. But, when mothers fed female babies although there was less fat there was more calcium.

Other reports highlighted researchers at Michigan State University who claimed that mothers in rural Kenya with sons generally gave richer milk to their male offspring – 2.8 percent fat compared with 1.4 percent for daughters.

However, despite local media support to the guru, critics note it is well known for his controversial and outlandish remarks.

The spiritual leader previously claimed that food cooked during an eclipse tastes different before and afterwards because after the eclipse it contains poison and deteriorates far more quickly.

He has also claimed in the past that cows know when somebody in their owner’s household has died and will cry for them.

Sadhguru established the Isha Foundation involved in spiritual, educational and environmental activities in 1992 and he has a YouTube channel with over 4 million followers.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire/@samjawed65

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