Moustacheo MP Filmed With Guns And Babes On Boozy Night

This footage shows an moustached Indian politician – currently on suspension for threatening a journalist – holding a gun in each hand and one in his mouth as pals dance around him on a boozy night in.

Story By: Michael Leidig; Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder; Agency: AsiaWire Report;

Video Credit: AsiaWire

Pranav Champion is a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party, one of the two main parties in India, and currently holds a post in the Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly.

But he was suspended after it was revealed he had threatened a journalist, and now this video has come to light resulting in calls for the suspension to be turned into a permanent ban from the party.

The video shows him standing with one leg on a piece of furniture holding several guns in one hand, then taking a drink with his free hand before reaching for what appears to be an automatic rifle. He then dances holding the guns in the air while others are also seen dancing in the room.

He claimed that the video had been manipulated to make it seem as if he was saying things that he had not said, and branded its distribution as an “invasion of my privacy”.

He added: “I reject what is being shown by the media.” And he added that the weapons were “not loaded and legally licensed and they were never pointed at anyone”. He also said: “It is not illegal to dance with guns in any case.”

The suspended politician said he had been playing with guns since he was a child and was well aware of how to be careful with them, and alleged that the media was simply trying to smear him.

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Picture Credit: AsiaWire

He added that at 53, he was the fittest Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) and added: “I challenge anyone to show me any MLA who has been in power for times was as fit as I am and is qualified. I defy my age. But the media never wants to dwell on these positive things.”

The local branch of his party have demanded he explain what was going on in the video, with spokesman Shyam Jaju saying they had asked the party leadership to act speedily.

In a statement he said the party was proud of having a very strict code of conduct for its political representative, which were policed by the party, and that there was to be “no compromise on principles.”

He added: “Champion has already been suspended from the party for three months and now a recommendation has been made to the central office for his permanent suspension.”

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